Pg Tips Tea

PG Tips is one of the market leaders in the UK for tea, although it is not as large as Tetley it is still a popular brand. Although I more often than not drink flavoured teas such as Earl Grey, […]

How to Make Dandelion Tea

Believe it or not the dandelion, a common yard and roadside weed, has many great health benefits. Many people eat dandelion greens in spring in order to purify the blood. Dandelion tea is also said to have some great health […]

Twinings Lady Grey

Twinings Lady Grey tea, a variation on Earl Grey, is a less common variety than their bestselling lines, but is available in major supermarkets and is worth seeking out. While I loathe Twinings Earl Grey (it really is mass market […]

Ideas for Tea Parties

Many people think of tea parties as typical female endeavours which involve some serious gossiping. Other associations might include the queen and cucumber sandwiches.  Tea parties do not need to be boring traditional affairs associated with older woman who have nothing […]

How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea

Green tea or “atay” as it is called in Morocco, comes in many different varieties. All are Chinese gun powder.  The tea is said to be called gun powder because the tea leaves are dried and individually rolled pellets resembling gun […]